Sunday Brunch                Photos courtesy of Bob Becker

The morning was beautiful!  The food delicious!  The company outstanding!

Tom and Jayne Barker

Jane Pond Adkins, Ken Dreitzler, Dale Taylor, Chuck and Char Ewing

Karen Starkey Strawser, Loel Handley

Chuck Ewing

Sally Greenlee Green, Darrell Saunders (Linebaugh)

Darrell and Harriet Linebaugh Saunders

Charlotte Ewing(Chuck), Sandy Russell Flanagan(Terry)

Larry Larrison

Diane Frank Ritterspach

Ken and Sondra Dreitzler

Karen Starkey Strawser, Connie Cahall McWilliams, Diane Frank Ritterspach

Terry Flanagan, Dale Taylor

Dick & Jeanne Duval Barbee, Darrell Saunders, Marianne Macleod Mowery, Harriet Linebaugh Saunders

Jeanne Duval Barbee, Karen Green Bartley, Dick Barbee

Danny & Marcy Witteman